All about Permission Click, use cases, subscriptions and security.

What is Permission Click?

Permission Click is an online tool saving trees through innovative solutions to paper dependency and waste. It allows schools, regions and organisations to digitally create and collect forms, enforce policies, automate processes and set up approval workflows, while streamlining permission and payment collection.

Who is Permission Click for?

Permission Click is making life easier for schools (principals, teachers, regional managers and admin staff), event organisers and parents. By taking the paperwork out of activity planning, policy implementation and risk management, Permission Click helps you save time and money, while reducing errors and cutting back on paper waste.

What types of forms can I build in Permission Click?

Permission Click can handle any type of form! Here are some examples of how Permission Click is currently being used (arranged by user-type):

Business Managers / CFOs

  • Internal accounting forms – eg. expense claim forms, travel allowance requests, cheque requisitions
  • Equipment procurement forms
  • Student application & enrolment forms
  • School fees payment collection
  • Feeder school enrolment inquiry forms (Year 7)
  • Scholarship applications
  • Boarding applications
  • Financial aid applications
  • Permission for further assessment of educational needs applications
  • International student applications
  • International pre enrolment student statements
  • Collecting donations


  • Field trips, excursions, camps, incursions, activities permission slips
      • Regular
      • High risk
  • Medical declarations
  • Canteen/lunch orders
  • Uniform orders
  • Book/stationery orders
  • Photography orders
  • Tour/open day registrations
  • School carnival/event registrations
  • Attendance registrations
  • Satisfaction surveys / feedback collection


  • Staff on-boarding forms and workflow
  • Hire/rehire employment checklists
  • Pre-employment health declarations
  • Consent to check and release National Police Record
  • Request for recognition of prior service for leave purposes
  • Policy acceptance
  • Professional development applications
  • Mentoring program registrations
  • Performance evaluations forms
  • Teacher transition between schools forms
  • Leave applications
  • Personal information updates
  • Hiring requests
  • Interview feedback
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Staff exit forms, checklists and workflow
  • Complaints register
  • Workcover declarations
  • Working With Children Check submissions
  • Work schedule / hours changes
  • Resignation/retirement notifications
  • Name and address changes

 Tech Directors / IT / CTOs

  • 1-to-1 device programs issued by the school
      • Technology terms of use policies
      • Insurance policy acceptance
      • Collection of insurance and related fees
  • Device issuing – record who has picked up their device
  • Device bug reporting
  • Student equipment bookings

 Facilities Managers

  • Facility hire/booking forms

Transport Managers

  • Transportation requests
  • Bus pass/transport application
  • Fleet booking requests
  • Car permit requests/management

Event managers

  • Event registrations
  • Planning submissions
  • Feedback forms
  • Surveys

Parent Council / PFA

  • Parent Council / Parent Association applications
  • Volunteer / parent helper registrations
  • Volunteer driver applications
  • Collection of fundraising monies

Risk Managers

  • Incident reports
  • Photographic & media releases
  • Policy acceptances
  • OHS froms
      • JSA/SWIMS
  • Document archive and data audits
  • Audit/inspection forms
  • Complaints register

Regional Managers / Group Managers (Multi-site Admin)

  • Site-wide templates
  • Site planning applications
  • Annual reports submissions
  • Bullying reporting
  • Incident & police report submissions
  • Student transitions (between sites)

How do schools use Permission Click?

Schools use Permission Click to bring all forms and school payments online. Permission slips, registrations, school policies and fundraisers can be created, sent to parents and managed in one easy place.

What is Permission Click Multi-Site Edition?

Permission Click Multi-Site Edition gives multi-site managers premium functionality to manage multiple schools. Centralise forms and approval workflows, improve policy compliance and minimise risk – all in one centralised location, with live dashboard notifications.

How do Region and Multi-site Managers use Permission Click?

Regions and multi-site managers can manage multiple school form templates, automated workflows, approval audit trails, record retention and more, while maintaining region-wide visibility.

How do organisations use Permission Click?

Any organisation that uses paper forms will benefit from bringing those forms online with Permission Click. Whether it’s registrations, waivers, fundraisers or sign-ups – save time by collecting your responses online!

How do parents use Permission Click?

Simply click the link provided by your child’s school. You can access the form on any device. Fill out the form, make a payment, give consent – easy! If you are not redirected to the form immediately, please contact your school or organisation for more information.

How much does it cost?

Permission Click School Edition:

It is free for all users to sign up for a Permission Click account with a 30-day trial!

Once you are ready to move to a paid subscription, there are three plans you can choose from. You can even receive discounts for multiple year contracts. See Pricing for more details.

Permission Click Multi-Site Edition:

Multi-Site Edition offers premium functionality to manage multiple schools, centralise forms and approval workflows, and more.

The cost for the Multi-Site Edition is based on the number of students in your region and the features that your region would like to purchase.

Get in touch to find out more and to discover the best plan for your school or organisation.

How long is a Permission Click subscription?

Each subscription is a minimum of 12 months.

Please see our Pricing Plans for more information. Don’t forget – we offer discounts for 3 or 5 year subscriptions!

What are my subscription payment options?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept bank transfer on a case-by-case basis. For further details, please contact: hello@permissionclick.com.au

How do I upgrade my subscription?

Get in touch with one of our friendly sales representatives at any time to upgrade your subscription: hello@permissionclick.com.au

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your 30-day free trial subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting us at hello@permissionclick.com.au.

Paid subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, however they are not eligible for refunds.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

When a subscription is cancelled, your Permission Click account is deactivated but not deleted. This ensures that all your data is securely archived, in case you need to access it or if you wish to reactive your account. You can also download all responses to forms and workflows in Excel and PDF for archiving purposes.

What technology platform is required?

Because Permission Click doesn’t require any new software or apps, it can be accessed on most devices (desktops, tablets, smart phones) via a web browser.

Where is Permission Click’s information hosted?

Permission Click is securely hosted by Microsoft Azure. You can review all of Microsoft Azure’s compliance information here.

How secure is my information?

Permission Click’s highest priority is the safeguarding of your personal information. Permission Click is a secure site with strict processes to keep your data safe at all times. Please see the Technology & Security section of our website for more information.


Signing-up and access.

How do I sign up?

30 Day Free Trial

Create an account for your school, club or organisation and start setting up your forms right away! Click here to sign up today.

School Edition

Sign up for a free 30-day trial on our website. Schools can digitise forms, payments and permission slips for free! Just click here to get started!

Hint: Typically, there is one account set up in each school. If you’re a teacher or an event organiser test driving Permission Click (awesome!), you can easily add more users from your school to the account at any time via the admin section.

Parents, Guardians or Other Respondents

No need to set up an account or log in. Simply access the shortened bit.ly link provided to you by the school or organisation and fill out your form.

If you are having any issues accessing a school form, check-in with your school to make sure you have the correct link. They will be able to get you up and running!

Multi-Site Edition

Multi-Site gives you premium functionality to manage multiple schools’ buildings, centralise forms and approval workflows, and more. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Hint: If your region is rolling out Multi-Site Edition, your account will be set up for you. Just follow the steps provided via email and you’ll be up and running in no time!

How long does it take to get access?

You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with instructions on how to get started.

Getting started

Building forms, adding payment collection and tickets, manage responses and reporting.

What forms can I create?

The beauty of Permission Click is that you can now convert any type of paper form – internal, staff, parent, supplier or public form – into a tracked digital form.

If you need help converting any type of form, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime at hello@permissionclick.com.au.

How do I build a form?

  1. Select “New Form” from the “within the account you want to create a form for.
  2. Select one of the following:
    a) From Template: Select one of the pre-made templates available in the account.
    b) Copy From Past: Select a form that already exists within the account.
    c) Build a Custom Form: Create a new form from scratch.
  3. Choose your respondents. Indicate who will be responding to your form by clicking either “Parent For Child” or “Anyone Can Respond”.
  4. Build your form content, including Form Name (a), Date (b) and all other relevant information. The plus sign expands a section, while hovering your mouse over a section will display additional instructions (c).
  5. Create the questions you need respondents to answer by selecting “Add a Field To Your Form”. You can select from a list of pre-designed fields. Note: If using a template from your region, these fields may be locked. Locked sections will appear in grey.  
  6. Collect money on your form by selecting “Paid Ticket”
  7. Add co-workers who need visibility to your form by selecting “Manage Contacts and Supervisors”. Set your preferences by toggling on/off options.
  8. Send your form for approval by clicking the “Send For Approval” button in the top right corner of your screen.Tip: You can also select “Preview” to view exactly what respondents will see when they open your form.
  9. When your form is approved, select it from your Permission Click Dashboard. This will allow you to access the “Form Management” page. Note: You will be notified by email when your form has been approved.
  10. Copy the form link and send it to your respondents. The “Form Management” page will allow you to view your responses and access reports.

How do I name my form?

You can give your form a name by filling in the section that says “Form Name” at the top of the form building wizard. Don’t worry, you can change it right up until you publish or submit for approval.

How do I access my forms?

Simply log in to your school account and click into your Permission Click Dashboard to select the form you require.

How do I manage forms for approval?

  1. You will receive an email when a form has been submitted for approval. Click the link in the email for quick access.
  2. Navigate to “My Approvals” and select the form you wish to approve.
  3. Review the content of the form.
  4. If there are changes to be made, select “Reject” and add your comments. The form creator will then receive an email notification with the comments to make revisions.
  5. If no changes are required, select “Approve”. The form creator will receive an email notification that their form has been approved.

What is the difference between paid, free and open value tickets?

A paid ticket allows you to set the amount that you wish to collect on your form. An open value ticket allows the respondent to set the dollar amount that they want to pay (perfect for donations!), and a free ticket costs nothing, and is best used for inventory control.

For more information on tickets, please click here.

How do I set up payment collection?

  1. Select “Set Up Payment Collection” from your admin menu.
  2. Enter the details of your school or organisation.
  3. Enter the details of the user who will be the school or organisation representative.
  4. Enter the name of your school or organisation as you would like respondents to see it on their credit card statement.
  5. Add your school or organisation’s banking details.

You are now ready to accept payments through Permission Click!

Note: Only administrative users can set up payment collection.

How do I reset my password

From the Log In page, click on the Forgot Password link.

Enter the email address associated to your account, and click Send Recover Pin.

Follow the prompts to reset your password.

How do I manage responses from recipients?

  1. From the “My Forms ” dashboard, you can view how many forms have been Unopened*, Started* and Completed.
  2. You can download response reports to Excel or PDF to see who has responded, along with their response status.
  3. Via “Form Manager”, you can send reminders to respondents to complete forms or pay an outstanding balance.

Can I edit a form that has already collected responses?

Yes you can! Click on the edit button in the top right corner of your form manage screen to make updates to a live form. This will create a new version of that form, but the respondent link will stay the same. To preserve the legality of the responses already collected, your Form Details Report will specify what version of the form a particular response was collected on.

For more information about how to edit your form after collecting responses, please Click here

Response management and reports

Keeping track of responses and running reports.

How do I collect digital signatures with Permission Click?

Permission Click collects digital approval from parents/participants. When a parent/participant approves a form, they are agreeing to a set of terms and providing a legally-binding digital approval. The digital approvals are recorded, attached to events and securely stored for search if required at a later date.

How do digital signatures work?

Permission Click collects digital approvals from parents and respondents in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. No physical signature is needed. Parents simply need to fill in the form, check a box and submit.

For more information on digital signatures, please contact us at hello@permissionclick.com.au

Do parents receive confirmations and receipts?

Immediately after responding to an event, parents/participants will receive an email confirming their approval, with event details attached.

After making an online payment, a receipt confirming details of the online transaction is sent to the parent’s.

Where can I view responses?

Responses can be viewed, managed and tracked the “Form Manager” dashboard.

Can parents edit their responses?

Parents cannot edit their response once the form is submitted.

If a parent needs to make changes to the form they submitted, the school/organisation needs to be contacted. The school/organisation administrator can cancel the response and request the parent visit the link again to re-submit the form.

Can responses be cancelled?

Yes, you can edit the status of a response at any time from the form Dashboard.

Note: If a response is cancelled/deleted, and permission is to be granted again, you will need to resend the form link again to the recipient for completion again.

Can I print a form for manual processing?

Although we don’t like to recommend it, sometimes forms need to be printed. This option can be found in “Form Manager”. Select the form, click “preview”, then click “test print”.

What reports can I access?

You can generate reports for all the forms created by your school or organisation and easily identify responses by parents and students. You can also track paid and unpaid recipients.

How do I access reports?

All reports are accessible from the “Form Manager” page under the “Generate a Report” menu.


Administrator rights and managing users.

Who should the administrator be?

For schools, this should be the person in charge of approving workflow. That person should be set up as the “Principal” in Permission Click.

A “Principal” in Permission Click can create templates, create and approve forms, create and edit users, access all reporting and update all account details.

How do I add users?

Only administrators are able to add new users to an account. This can be done at the regional level and for schools or other organisations by accessing the admin tab.

There are 5 role types that can be assigned to a user:

  1. District Administrator: Has visibility into all accounts. At the regional level, they can create templates and push them out to all schools, add/edit multi-site users and be part of the approval workflow (for external and internal forms). At the school level, they can view any school, form or report. They can create and edit forms, school templates and users.
  2. Administrator (School/Organisation): The lead admin at your school or organisation. Administrators can create templates, create and approve forms, create and edit users, access all reporting and update the account details.
  3. Sales Organisation Administrator (School): Typically, a bookkeeper or treasurer. The person in this role has access to the deposit reports and all event reporting. This role cannot approve forms.
  4. Principal/Vice Principal: This role has the same access privileges as an administrator. They can create templates, create and approve forms, create and edit users, access all reporting and update account details.
  5. Event Organiser: This role is usually assigned to teachers or volunteers. They can set up their own events, collect responses and view reporting. They can’t access any forms or reports for events they are not supervising.

Who should I add to Permission Click?

Invite the rest of your team who would benefit from Permission Click’s paperless solutions to administrative headaches.

What access do other users have?

Teachers or staff members should be set up as Event Organisers on Permission Click. An Event Organiser is a Permission Click user who can create and manage their own forms. They do not have administrative-level access to the account and cannot approve forms, access deposit reports or reporting from forms that they did not create, or otherwise manage.

When do I notify parents?

It’s a good idea to send out a note to explain to your school community that you are now using Permission Click for all forms. This way, everyone knows what to do when they get their first form link!


Accessing and completing forms, responses and refunds.

Do parents need to sign up for an account?

Parents do not need to set up a Permission Click account or log in. Forms are emailed directly to parents and accessed via a link which can be opened on any device using a web browser.

Will the link work on any digital device?

Yes! The link will work on most devices using a web browser – tablets, smart phones, desktops, etc.

Can I add multiple children to a form?

Absolutely! It’s easy, just click “Add Student”. If this option does not appear, it means that only one child can be recorded on that particular form.

Do I receive confirmation when the school has received my response?

You do! Permission Click will send you a confirmation email. If you made a payment online, you will also be sent a receipt of the transaction.

Who do I contact if I need to revise or cancel my response?

It’s best to contact your child’s school. The school can cancel your response so you can resubmit with the necessary revisions.

Can I get a refund on my online payment?

Refunds are issued at the school’s discretion. When a refund is made, the entire amount (including any fees) will go back on the credit card.

Is my family’s information kept private?

Your privacy is a top priority. Permission Click uses industry leading encryption practices and secure systems architecture, along with careful implementation of our privacy policy, to keep your information safe. We do not share any of your personal information with companies, organisations or individuals outside Permission Click. You can review the most up-to-date privacy policy here.

How do I ensure the form is completed by me and not by my child?

It’s important to provide the school with a secure email address where you can receive forms which require your consent as a parent/guardian. A confirmation email and an optional reminder the day before an event will let you know if someone other than you has granted approval. Permission Click also collects a time stamp and an IP address on each signed form.

If I have technical questions, who can I contact?

You can reach our friendly any time by sending us an email at hello@permissionclick.com.au


Privacy policy, signatures & terms of service

What is Permission Click's Privacy Policy?

Permission Click’s Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

What is Permission Click's Terms of Use Policy?

Permission Click’s Terms of Use can be accessed here.

How do digital signatures work?

Permission Click collects digital approvals from parents and respondents in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. No physical signature is needed. Parents simply need to fill in the form, check a box and submit.

For more information on digital signatures, please contact us at hello@permissionclick.com.au