Multi-Site (District) Edition

Permission Click digitises and automates policies and processes for the education sector, helping schools and regions increase efficiency, mitigate liability and reduce paper dependency.

Go greener and replace outdated paper systems with a safely encrypted, digital alternative that saves on time and costs while streamlining all policies and processes in one centralised location.

Reporting tools allow you to keep track of the data you need to make informed policy decisions. Search functions ensure you can quickly find the right information when managing a crisis. And with real-time updates on your dashboard, you can track activities and approvals region-wide or zoom into a single classroom for a closer look.


Region-wide control at your fingertips for reduced risk.

Regional Templates

Easily implement form templates to enforce your procedures and policies.

Improve Compliance

Minimise risk with automated approval workflows and processes.

Live Dashboard Notifications

Get real-time updates and approval requests from one dashboard.

Region-Wide Visibility

View forms, processes and responses in every organisation in your region.

Manage Multi-Level Users

Quickly control user access, form visibility and approval levels for all users.

Secure Audit Trail

Easily track responses and system changes with secure audit trails.